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Supercharge your portfolio with LEAPS options!
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Long-Term Options Can Multiply Your Returns!
Rev Up Your Portfolio.

LEAPS, Long-term Equity Anticipation Securities, are very long- term options that allow traders to profit from moves in the stock price for only a fraction of the investment and risk of owning stock. LEAPS typically require an investment equal to 10% of the stock price or less. This increased leverage comes with a significant decrease in risk compared to outright stock ownership. LEAPS are safer than normal equity options due to their longer time horizon and lend themselves to several risk reduction strategies while offering significant upside returns. LEAPS Trader scans our universe of stocks on a daily basis to produce potential investment opportunities where there is limited risk and maximum upside potential. Using our limited risk strategies allows investors to position themselves in stocks that offer significant upside potential and still be able to sleep at night. The average duration for a position is three months. LEAPS Trader utilizes technical and sentiment indicators to profit from market cycles without excessive trades. If you are a Type-A trader that needs to trade daily then LEAPS Trader is not for you. Our typical portfolio is 8-12 positions and will turnover 2-3 times per year. The object of the game is putting more profit in our pockets not making our brokers richer.

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