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Buy the Dip
9:12:26 PM| 8/20/2017
By Jim Brown | This stock is giving us another opportunity to buy the dip.

Still Waiting
11:03:48 PM| 8/13/2017
By Jim Brown | Thursday's market crash was a good start but Monday could reverse it.

Opportunity Coming
11:01:08 PM| 8/6/2017
By Jim Brown | With the normal August/September weakness ahead, we could get our buying opportunity.

Waiting is Hard
8:21:10 PM| 7/30/2017
By Jim Brown | Still looking for a buying opportunity.

Entry Trigger Hit
9:52:43 PM| 7/23/2017
By Jim Brown | Our only Watch List candidate was triggered on Thursday.

No Changes
8:26:48 PM| 7/16/2017
By Jim Brown | Our lone candidate did decline but missed the targeted entry point slightly.

One Position Triggered
7:23:43 PM| 7/9/2017
By Jim Brown | The holiday volatility and Nasdaq dip triggered one of our candidates.

Looking for Dips
7:18:00 PM| 7/2/2017
By Jim Brown | The current market volatility could give us some decent entry points.

Toe in the Water
10:03:21 PM| 6/25/2017
By Jim Brown | I am adding one severely depressed stock to the watch list this week.

Rebound Ahead?
10:36:05 PM| 6/18/2017
By Jim Brown | The tech sector has failed to rebound from the flash crash but lows have been retested and held.

Rally Derailed
9:08:18 PM| 6/11/2017
By Jim Brown | The tech sector pulled back slightly but the rest of the market remains bullish.

Higher Highs
7:08:14 PM| 6/4/2017
By Jim Brown | The market is getting farther away from a buy point every week.

Still Holding
9:20:11 PM| 5/28/2017
By Jim Brown | Calm week, no market movement.

Perpetual Hold
9:29:26 PM| 5/21/2017
By Jim Brown | The volatility appeared but the decline was quickly bought

Getting Closer
12:25:34 AM| 5/15/2017
By Jim Brown | After three weeks of minor declines, the Dow closed at the lows.

No Retracement
8:58:03 PM| 5/7/2017
By Jim Brown | After two weeks of minor weakness, the indexes closed at new highs.

Retracement Worries
8:39:01 PM| 4/30/2017
By Jim Brown | The markets rallied strong early in the week but after four days at solid resistance, the breadth began to deteriorate.

Bullishness Rising
9:47:20 PM| 4/23/2017
By Jim Brown | The markets are poised to move higher on geopolitical news and strong earnings.

Weakness Growing
1:00:35 AM| 4/17/2017
By Jim Brown | The first two weeks of April are over and the results were definitely choppy.

One More Week
9:29:22 PM| 4/9/2017
By Jim Brown | The first week of April was choppy as expected with one more week before the fireworks start.

Two Week Lull Ahead
7:23:08 PM| 4/2/2017
By Jim Brown | The first two weeks of April can be rocky but the outlook is still positive.

Reality Approaching
10:50:47 PM| 3/26/2017
By Jim Brown | Volatility did rise last week and it appears we could get another dose this week.

Pause to Refresh
11:58:31 PM| 3/19/2017
By Jim Brown | Volatility could rise this week with no material headlines to stimulate the market.

Don't Play in Traffic
10:22:33 PM| 3/12/2017
By Jim Brown | This could be a high volatility week given the volume of scheduled headlines.

Setting up for a Dip
11:02:59 PM| 3/5/2017
By Jim Brown | With S&P futures down -10 points on Sunday night, it is time to position for a dip.

Patiently Waiting
7:46:26 PM| 2/26/2017
By Jim Brown | The Dow winning streak is at a 25 year high and only two days away from a best ever performance.

No Selling = No Buying
7:25:18 PM| 2/19/2017
By Jim Brown | Until the markets sell off and provide a buying opportunity, our new entries will be limited.

Three Percent Rule
6:11:10 PM| 2/12/2017
By Jim Brown | When markets are in rally mode, call premiums inflate.

Market Reversal
9:04:17 PM| 2/5/2017
By Jim Brown | The market headed lower midweek but reversed suddenly on Friday with a major short squeeze.

Momentum Easing
10:07:28 PM| 1/29/2017
By Jim Brown | The Q4 earnings cycle continues to produce a mixed picture and the markets appear unsure of the next direction.

Earnings Pause
9:27:33 PM| 1/22/2017
By Jim Brown | The Q4 earnings cycle is in full swing and we should get some new entry points on post earnings drops.

Broken Record
6:15:28 PM| 1/15/2017
By Jim Brown | We are still waiting for that buying opportunity in January.

No Opportunity Yet
7:01:25 PM| 1/8/2017
By Jim Brown | January did not crash in the first week but there are three to go.

Buying Opportunity Ahead
7:28:56 PM| 1/2/2017
By Jim Brown | I am still expecting that buying opportunity in January.

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