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8:30:06 PM| 7/1/2019
By Jim Brown | Support for prior winners is eroding as rotation hits the market.

12:45:00 AM| 6/24/2019
By Jim Brown | Investors are eagerly awaiting the results of the G20 meeting.

Chinese Puzzle
12:00:20 AM| 6/19/2019
By Jim Brown | The Chinese puzzle gained a few more pieces this week.

One Day Shorter
12:27:43 AM| 6/11/2019
By Jim Brown | The multi-week decline was one day too long, and it cost us two more positions.

Uneventful Week
5:16:58 PM| 6/2/2019
By Jim Brown | The Dow lost -3% and we only lost one position.

Good Moves, Bad Market
8:15:06 PM| 5/26/2019
By Jim Brown | Once again, we had some positions that posted gains in a weak market.

Slightly Better
4:16:53 PM| 5/19/2019
By Jim Brown | There were actually stocks in the portfolio that posted gains last week.

Profit Taking
3:43:00 PM| 5/12/2019
By Jim Brown | The China trade worries provided an excuse for traders to take profits.

Volatility Bites
5:12:35 PM| 5/5/2019
By Jim Brown | Another choppy week for the market succeeded in stopping several positions.

New Life
6:17:21 PM| 4/28/2019
By Jim Brown | After a choppy week stocks found some traction on Friday to close at new highs.

Stocks Paused
10:16:56 PM| 4/21/2019
By Jim Brown | Despite a slight gain for the week in the Dow and Nasdaq, most stocks were lower.

Everything but Biotechs
6:10:02 PM| 4/14/2019
By Jim Brown | Almost all our positions were nicely higher except for drugs and biotechs.

Lots of New Highs
9:00:38 PM| 4/7/2019
By Jim Brown | It was a great week in the portfolio with lots of stocks making new highs.

Consolidation Week
7:41:41 PM| 3/31/2019
By Jim Brown | Stocks sold off slightly early in the week but ended strongly positive.

Unexpected Stumble
7:15:53 PM| 3/24/2019
By Jim Brown | The market tripped and fell flat on Friday, but it should only be temporary.

Excellent Recovery
8:55:31 PM| 3/17/2019
By Jim Brown | Many of the stocks that dropped back to support last week rebounded to make new highs.

Pause for Profit Taking
6:43:46 PM| 3/10/2019
By Jim Brown | After several weeks of gains, investors took profits when no China meeting appeared.

Another Good Week
8:25:15 PM| 3/3/2019
By Jim Brown | We had a great week for the portfolio, but we are rapidly approaching some profit taking.

9 Weeks
9:57:47 PM| 2/26/2019
By Jim Brown | The current rally has extended to nine weeks and we should be very thankful.

Head Fake
5:41:42 PM| 2/18/2019
By Jim Brown | Various headlines caused several days of volatility suggesting the rally was fading.

Speed Bump
6:36:01 PM| 2/10/2019
By Jim Brown | Most stocks were hit with some minor profit taking on negative trade news.

Good Week for Stocks
8:29:52 PM| 2/3/2019
By Jim Brown | All the tech earnings were not good but there was enough to send the Nasdaq 99 points higher.

Tech Week Ahead
8:36:15 PM| 1/27/2019
By Jim Brown | We survived the fifth week of this rebound without any material market decline.

Rally Whoa
8:18:32 PM| 1/20/2019
By Jim Brown | After four weeks of gains we could be coming the edge of a proverbial cliff.

Passive Week
7:15:14 PM| 1/13/2019
By Jim Brown | The major indexes posted gains, but the individual stocks were hit and miss.

7:55:04 PM| 1/6/2019
By Jim Brown | Apple's guidance warning was a bad hiccup in an otherwise positive week.

Right on Time
5:41:57 PM| 1/1/2019
By Jim Brown | Santa showed up right on time the day after Christmas.

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