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Poised to Move Higher
8:50:28 PM| 7/15/2018
By Jim Brown | As the Q2 earnings cycle begins the markets appear to be poised to move higher.

Rally Ho!
7:56:16 PM| 7/8/2018
By Jim Brown | The prior week was ugly but the market ended last week with a decent rally.

Not a Good Week
6:27:59 PM| 7/1/2018
By Jim Brown | The massive selloff by the Nasdaq on Mon/Tue was very painful.

Market Victims
8:52:34 PM| 6/24/2018
By Jim Brown | We were victims of the weak market last week.

Gains Despite the Market
9:00:47 PM| 6/17/2018
By Jim Brown | We saw gains in many positions despite the choppy week for the markets.

Another Good Week
11:37:10 PM| 6/10/2018
By Jim Brown | Stocks posted gains for the week but Thursday's decline kept the Nasdaq and Russell out of record territory.

Point by Point
8:04:53 PM| 6/3/2018
By Jim Brown | Stocks are trying to move higher but it is slow going with daily headline events.

Chipping Away at Resistance
12:02:40 AM| 5/29/2018
By Jim Brown | The markets consolidated just under resistance last week.

Another Good Week
5:18:12 PM| 5/20/2018
By Jim Brown | Despite the broad market weakness, we saw plenty of gains in the portfolio.

Excellent Week
4:34:59 PM| 5/13/2018
By Jim Brown | The Dow rebounded more than 1,300 points and the Russell is threatening to make a new high.

Minor Improvement
9:59:34 PM| 5/6/2018
By Jim Brown | The market recovered from the sharp midweek decline and there was some minor improvement in individual stocks.

8:52:06 PM| 4/29/2018
By Jim Brown | The market lost ground for the week and remains in a slight bearish decline.

Good Start, Bad Finish
8:13:29 PM| 4/22/2018
By Jim Brown | The market started the week bullish but cratered due to chips and Apple.

Bullish Signals
8:04:32 PM| 4/15/2018
By Jim Brown | The major indexes posted gains of 1.5% to 3.0% last week despite some down days.

Will This Ever End?
9:53:14 PM| 4/8/2018
By Jim Brown | Another week of extreme volatility continued to cause investors pain

Another Volatile Week
12:49:08 AM| 4/2/2018
By Jim Brown | Overall, stocks did not decline for the week but there was some strong volatility.

Back to Support
9:31:34 PM| 3/25/2018
By Jim Brown | After a couple weeks of rebounds, the market crashed again to retest the early February lows.

Lackluster Week
5:49:05 PM| 3/18/2018
By Jim Brown | After making new intraday highs on Monday the Nasdaq declined all week to further depress the market.

Excellent Recovery
9:25:31 PM| 3/11/2018
By Jim Brown | The second dip was short lived and the real rally has begun.

Another Fun Week
7:47:11 PM| 3/4/2018
By Jim Brown | Long-term investors had a rough week but the outlook is still bullish.

Option Premiums Shrinking
9:36:44 PM| 2/25/2018
By Jim Brown | The relaxing volatility is causing the option premiums to shrink as the market moved sideways.

Best Week Since 2013
7:55:35 PM| 2/19/2018
By Jim Brown | The Dow posted its best weekly gain since 2013 and the Nasdaq's best since 2011

Not a Fun Week
8:27:35 PM| 2/11/2018
By Jim Brown | The market declined from new highs into a 10% correction in only 11 days and it was painful.

Only Minor Damage
9:31:20 PM| 2/4/2018
By Jim Brown | The market decline only eliminated two positions.

Go Bulls!
8:23:19 PM| 1/28/2018
By Jim Brown | Definitely, no complaints as the market accelerates higher.

Several New Highs
8:52:47 PM| 1/21/2018
By Jim Brown | The new highs on the indexes helped create new highs in several positions.

Thank you Mr. Market
7:16:08 PM| 1/14/2018
By Jim Brown | The constantly rising market is very good for our portfolio.

Portfolio Reduction Success
10:33:48 PM| 1/7/2018
By Jim Brown | Concerns over a potential decline in January led to reducing the number of existing positions

Portfolio Restructuring
8:00:33 PM| 1/1/2018
By Jim Brown | There is a strong possibility of fund manager portfolio restructuring in January.

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