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No Traction
7:42:49 PM| 10/21/2018
By Jim Brown | Stocks lost traction on Wednesday and returned to the lows.

Headline Weakness
8:47:29 PM| 10/14/2018
By Jim Brown | A constant barrage of headlines is punishing the market.

Normal Profit Taking
6:50:56 PM| 10/7/2018
By Jim Brown | The 3% decline in techs last week is a normal dip.

Q3 Earnings Ahead
6:03:46 PM| 9/30/2018
By Jim Brown | If Q3 earnings play out as expected we should have a decent rally.

Abnormal September
6:48:07 PM| 9/23/2018
By Jim Brown | Investors should be very happy the normal September trend did not appear.

Looking Up
8:47:56 PM| 9/16/2018
By Jim Brown | The market was mildly positive last week but we posted some decent gains.

Market Losses
6:36:00 PM| 9/9/2018
By Jim Brown | Last week was a declining market and some of our positions did decline.

High Confidence
9:25:35 PM| 9/2/2018
By Jim Brown | Consumer Confidence hit a record high last week and that should be good for the market.

Nasdaq Recovery
5:32:55 PM| 8/26/2018
By Jim Brown | FANG stocks finally found some traction and helped lift the broader market.

Sector Rotation
11:03:01 PM| 8/19/2018
By Jim Brown | Techs stocks were mixed but defensive sectors including drugs posted decent gains.

Minor Damage
7:40:13 PM| 8/12/2018
By Jim Brown | The Friday decline was orderly with only moderate volume. No harm done.

Stutter Step
12:29:03 AM| 8/6/2018
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq dropped again at the open on Monday to cause us more pain.

Nasdaq Weakness
12:22:34 AM| 7/30/2018
By Jim Brown | Back to back declines on the Nasdaq put a different kind of fear in the market.

Tariff Uncertainty
8:15:16 PM| 7/22/2018
By Jim Brown | The market was mixed and closed flat for the week on tariff uncertainty.

New Highs
8:57:03 PM| 7/15/2018
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq continued its gains to post a new record high.

Surging Tech Sector
8:16:30 PM| 7/8/2018
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq led the markets out of the depression thanks to the rebound in the biotech sector and the FAANG stocks.

Nasdaq Selloff Blues
6:50:34 PM| 7/1/2018
By Jim Brown | The markets suffered another week of significant declines.

Volatility at the Top
9:02:26 PM| 6/24/2018
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq and Russell finally rested while the Dow posted a minor rebound.

9:12:35 PM| 6/17/2018
By Jim Brown | Some stocks were still posting gains but the Russell and Nasdaq are overbought.

Go Dow Go
11:44:17 PM| 6/10/2018
By Jim Brown | The Dow turned into the market leader for the week and it was greatly appreciated.

Nasdaq in Rally Mode
8:11:43 PM| 6/3/2018
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq Composite closed only about 30 points from a new high.

Flat Week for Stocks
12:08:10 AM| 5/29/2018
By Jim Brown | The major indexes were mildly negative with most stocks trading sideways.

Bit by Bit
9:30:54 PM| 5/20/2018
By Jim Brown | Good stocks continue to move higher a little bit at a time in a weak market.

Plan Coming Together
5:00:20 PM| 5/13/2018
By Jim Brown | George Peppard on the "A Team" used to say, "I love it when a plan comes together."

Financials Falling
10:07:55 PM| 5/6/2018
By Jim Brown | The financial sector declined after the FOMC meeting.

Some Earnings Winners
9:06:15 PM| 4/29/2018
By Jim Brown | Some positions benefitted from earnings despite the weak market.

Minor Gains
8:23:35 PM| 4/22/2018
By Jim Brown | Early week gains were nearly erased by end of week declines.

Signs of Life
8:09:46 PM| 4/15/2018
By Jim Brown | Maybe the correction is over and a new rally is beginning.

Still Dipping
10:01:05 PM| 4/8/2018
By Jim Brown | Eventually this market volatility will end when sellers run out of stock.

Double Dip, Single Rebound
12:54:15 AM| 4/2/2018
By Jim Brown | The markets failed to extend the double dip but no rebound appeared.

Not What We Expected
9:38:21 PM| 3/25/2018
By Jim Brown | The post Fed market was focused on Chinese tariffs rather than a bullish Fed.

Waiting on the Fed
6:13:11 PM| 3/18/2018
By Jim Brown | The market traded slightly negative last week as investors waited on the Fed and quadruple witching.

Good Time to be an Investor
9:29:36 PM| 3/11/2018
By Jim Brown | The trade war headlines were shorter in duration than the correction.

Trade War Damage
7:51:15 PM| 3/4/2018
By Jim Brown | The correction was bad but it was over quickly. The trade war headlines could last for weeks.

Poised to Move Higher
9:44:15 PM| 2/25/2018
By Jim Brown | The correction forced us to take profits in more than half our positions but that is not always bad.

Leaner Portfolio
7:54:41 PM| 2/19/2018
By Jim Brown | The correction forced us to take profits in more than half our positions but that is not always bad

Corrections Happen
8:33:34 PM| 2/11/2018
By Jim Brown | It has been two years since the market corrected and we were due.

Profit Taking
9:38:19 PM| 2/4/2018
By Jim Brown | The market ran into some storm clouds and was struck by profit taking.

Rampant Euphoria
8:29:28 PM| 1/28/2018
By Jim Brown | Stocks continue to make new highs despite the vertical indexes.

Go Market, Go
9:20:44 PM| 1/21/2018
By Jim Brown | New record highs ahead of earnings reports.

Slimming Dow the List
9:39:13 PM| 1/14/2018
By Jim Brown | We closed two more positions last week to reduce the portfolio to 19

Taking Profits
10:29:45 PM| 1/7/2018
By Jim Brown | We closed six positions last week and five of them had nice gains.

Volatility Ahead
8:10:14 PM| 1/1/2018
By Jim Brown | There are lots of new stop losses in the portfolio this week in preparation for potential volatility next week.

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