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Breakout Ahead
9:08:02 PM| 7/1/2019
By Jim Brown | After months of angst over potential problems shares are finally ready to break out.

Unfair Comparison
1:07:43 AM| 6/24/2019
By Jim Brown | When comparing year over year revenue is should be apples to apples.

Exploding Growth
12:11:27 AM| 6/19/2019
By Jim Brown | This retailer is growing at a massive rate.

Wise Men Wait
12:40:23 AM| 6/11/2019
By Jim Brown | We need to know when to hold them and know when to fold them.

Buying Support
5:42:23 PM| 6/2/2019
By Jim Brown | After a $40 drop we are buying support.

5G Leader
8:40:44 PM| 5/26/2019
By Jim Brown | Only one company is acknowledged to be the leader in 5G technology.

Going Back to the Well
4:53:46 PM| 5/19/2019
By Jim Brown | This company was a great position until the market volatility knocked us out.

Technology Winner
4:15:19 PM| 5/12/2019
By Jim Brown | The chip paradigm is shifting, and new leaders are appearing.

Acquisition Opportunity
6:16:06 PM| 5/5/2019
By Jim Brown | When news breaks of a major deal, the acquirer normally declines.

Sector Bargains
7:12:01 PM| 4/28/2019
By Jim Brown | Still a lot of bargains in this sector.

Severely Oversold
10:50:00 PM| 4/21/2019
By Jim Brown | We are going to double up on this severely oversold sector.

Massive Dip
7:44:27 PM| 4/14/2019
By Jim Brown | In theory the market is efficient. In practice that is rarely true.

Consolidation Over
10:11:24 PM| 4/7/2019
By Jim Brown | After an 8-month decline shares are back in rally mode.

Solid Base
9:37:59 PM| 3/31/2019
By Jim Brown | This company provided services to 90% of patients in the USA.

Bearish Charts
8:20:51 PM| 3/24/2019
By Jim Brown | I have not seen so many bearish charts since 2007.

Back on the Horse
9:32:02 PM| 3/17/2019
By Jim Brown | They say when you are bucked off you should get back on the horse.

Buy When Others are Fearful
7:05:16 PM| 3/10/2019
By Jim Brown | A minor earnings miss produced a buying opportunity.

Class A Company
11:17:21 PM| 3/3/2019
By Jim Brown | Of all the companies in the financial sector this one always gets high marks.

11:02:51 PM| 2/26/2019
By Jim Brown | This company is emerging from a multiyear dormancy phase to rule the world again.

Sector Reversal
6:32:48 PM| 2/18/2019
By Jim Brown | Biotechs saw the most outflows in Q4 in 15 years.

Cloud Utility
8:25:20 PM| 2/10/2019
By Jim Brown | Even small business owners use cloud utilities every week.

Old Faithful
8:53:09 PM| 2/3/2019
By Jim Brown | Male or Female, you own this company's products.

Returning from Obscurity
9:55:55 PM| 1/27/2019
By Jim Brown | This old company has become new again.

Heading for new Highs
9:19:20 PM| 1/20/2019
By Jim Brown | After a rocky quarter this stock is near its 2018 high.

Buying Strength
8:52:49 PM| 1/13/2019
By Jim Brown | This tech company has rebounded sharply from the Nasdaq crash.

Buying the Dip
8:25:04 PM| 1/6/2019
By Jim Brown | The damage is over and shares are rebounding nicely.

Practicing Patience
6:14:33 PM| 1/1/2019
By Jim Brown | Do we really want to buy a 200-point gap open on Monday?

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