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Acquisition Candidate
10:20:38 PM| 5/21/2017
By Jim Brown | With the oil cycle improving and all the good acreage already owned, companies have to buy companies to boost reserves.

Abundance of Riches
12:23:29 AM| 5/15/2017
By Jim Brown | Some companies have so much business they cannot get to it all.

Two Opportunities
9:41:51 PM| 5/7/2017
By Jim Brown | Time to get on the train now that the oil sector is recovering.

Speculative Urge
9:28:55 PM| 4/30/2017
By Jim Brown | Sometimes you have to place a bet that goes against the crowd.

Got to Be Kidding
9:54:37 PM| 4/23/2017
By Jim Brown | Monday is not the right day to be looking at adding new positions.

Sector Leader
1:07:19 AM| 4/17/2017
By Jim Brown | This best in class leader fell unexpectedly last week to close on support on Friday.

Parts Shortage
10:29:44 PM| 4/9/2017
By Jim Brown | Multiple companies have complained about a parts shortage impacting their 2017 profits.

Thank's for the Opportunity
8:43:48 PM| 4/2/2017
By Jim Brown | Investors dumped this stock on a minor earnings miss but it is still the best stock in a bad sector

Dodging a Pothole
10:57:49 PM| 3/26/2017
By Jim Brown | Sometimes the bulls are climbing the wall of worry and other times they are dodging potholes in the market's path.

Buy the Dip
12:16:47 AM| 3/20/2017
By Jim Brown | The recent dip caused by falling oil prices gave us a perfect entry point on this stock.

Buy the Dip
12:16:47 AM| 3/19/2017
By Jim Brown | The recent dip caused by falling oil prices gave us a perfect entry point on this stock.

New Powerhouse Ahead
10:53:02 PM| 3/12/2017
By Jim Brown | This company has been around forever but their new product will probably be a big surprise.

Build It and They Will Come
10:43:41 PM| 3/5/2017
By Jim Brown | This company is building something everyone needs but very few have the skills to do it themselves.

Follow the Money
8:07:30 PM| 2/26/2017
By Jim Brown | Somebody just made a $29 million option bet this stock will rise $30 over the next 9 months.

Goldman Said Sell
9:09:58 PM| 2/19/2017
By Jim Brown | Goldman Sachs just downgraded this stock to a sell but it rebounded to close at a new high.

Oversold Opportunity
7:03:17 PM| 2/12/2017
By Jim Brown | The earnings cycle always gives us some opportunities for better entry points on growth stocks.

Seasonal Performance
10:48:20 PM| 2/5/2017
By Jim Brown | Many stocks do better during certain periods of the year because of their business model.

Strongest in the Sector
10:08:45 PM| 1/29/2017
By Jim Brown | No stocks are bullet proof, except for Nvidia, but this company is really close.

Nearly Free LEAP
10:25:45 PM| 1/22/2017
By Jim Brown | Sometimes bad things happen to good companies that puts their stock price in the penalty box

Employment Rising
7:46:58 PM| 1/15/2017
By Jim Brown | The main focus of the new administration is creating new jobs. That is positive for this company.

Bad News Priced In
8:45:35 PM| 1/8/2017
By Jim Brown | This stock is no longer declining despite recent negative news.

Planning Ahead
7:24:36 PM| 1/2/2017
By Jim Brown | Buy when everyone else is fearful.

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