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Deal or No Deal?
9:52:32 PM| 7/1/2019
By Jim Brown | President Trump was uncharacteristically quiet after his G20 meeting with Xi.

Quiet Weekend
1:35:19 AM| 6/24/2019
By Jim Brown | Other than simmering US/Iran tensions the headlines were very calm.

Deal or No Deal
1:15:33 AM| 6/19/2019
By Jim Brown | The president rekindled the Chinese trade talks but it is too soon to know if they will be successful.

Magnetic Attraction
1:12:44 AM| 6/11/2019
By Jim Brown | The market is back at that point where the expectations of a new high is pulling prices higher.

The Path of Least Resistance
6:41:21 PM| 6/2/2019
By Jim Brown | The market is determined to follow the path and Monday could be a new leg lower.

Volatility Continues
9:04:47 PM| 5/26/2019
By Jim Brown | Hardly a day passes that we don't have a new wave of negative headlines on China.

Raise or Call
5:28:11 PM| 5/19/2019
By Jim Brown | Both countries have established their positions and are trying to bluff the other out of the game.

Chapter Two
5:41:42 PM| 5/12/2019
By Jim Brown | Traders are preparing to start the new week with a new set of challenges.

Down 50
6:47:51 PM| 5/5/2019
By Jim Brown | The market is poised for a major decline on Monday on China headlines.

All Quiet
7:51:06 PM| 4/28/2019
By Jim Brown | After a quiet week that ended at record highs, the weekend futures are quiet as well.

No Conviction
11:19:20 PM| 4/21/2019
By Jim Brown | Investors have no conviction even at market highs as we move into earnings.

Queued Up
8:14:43 PM| 4/14/2019
By Jim Brown | Investors are all queued up about this week's earnings and hoping for good results.

All Quiet
10:37:19 PM| 4/7/2019
By Jim Brown | The market's wall of worry has turned into a molehill.

Unexpected Recovery
11:21:48 PM| 3/31/2019
By Jim Brown | Chinese stimulus has produced an unexpectedly prompt recovery.

Tipping Point
8:55:33 PM| 3/24/2019
By Jim Brown | We may have reached a tipping point in the market.

Resistance Test
9:52:28 PM| 3/17/2019
By Jim Brown | The major indexes may have closed above resistance but that will be tested again on Monday.

All Quiet
8:03:18 PM| 3/10/2019
By Jim Brown | After a week of declines the futures are calm and flat on Sunday evening.

Thank You China
11:18:13 PM| 3/3/2019
By Jim Brown | Weekend trade headlines have spiked the futures 13 points on Sunday.

Momentum Fading
11:06:33 PM| 2/26/2019
By Jim Brown | We have entered the post earnings depression phase for Q4.

Hungry for Chinese?
7:06:36 PM| 2/18/2019
By Jim Brown | Have you ever eaten Chinese food only to be hungry again a couple hours later?

Lingering Hangover
8:56:39 PM| 2/10/2019
By Jim Brown | The new revelations on the trade war with China could linger for weeks.

Trend Breaker
9:16:39 PM| 2/3/2019
By Jim Brown | I don't know if we should be worried, but a trend is about to be broken.

Sunday Night Swoon
10:35:36 PM| 1/27/2019
By Jim Brown | The trend for futures declines on Sunday evening is still intact.

Sundays Are Rough
9:59:14 PM| 1/20/2019
By Jim Brown | For the last quarter the majority of Sunday evenings have seen futures fall sharply.

Too Good to Be True
9:34:55 PM| 1/13/2019
By Jim Brown | The three-week market rally may have run into trouble.

Powell Put
8:47:55 PM| 1/6/2019
By Jim Brown | For years market analysts talked about the Greenspan Put. Now we have the Powell Put.

China Deal?
6:37:55 PM| 1/1/2019
By Jim Brown | Tweets about a possible deal with China and expectations for the cancellation of Brexit lifted Sunday futures.

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