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Preview of Coming Attractions
9:36:54 PM| 12/1/2018
By Jim Brown | Friday's sharp drop just before the close could be a preview of early January.

Global Weakness
8:57:09 PM| 10/21/2018
By Jim Brown | Global economic weakness is the new brick in the market's wall of worry.

Black Swan
9:55:15 PM| 10/14/2018
By Jim Brown | We never know what new event will tank the markets and the global economy.

Time for a Change
8:21:05 PM| 10/7/2018
By Jim Brown | Normal bouts of profit taking rarely last more than a week.

Bad News, Good News
7:20:04 PM| 9/30/2018
By Jim Brown | Bad news on Friday weighed on the market but good news is lifting it on Sunday.

Trend Over?
9:19:24 PM| 9/23/2018
By Jim Brown | We had a great week with new highs on the Dow and S&P. Is the rally over?

Groundhog Day?
10:40:31 PM| 9/16/2018
By Jim Brown | Remember the Bill Murray movie where he had to live the same day over and over?

Wishing for a Repeat
7:57:00 PM| 9/9/2018
By Jim Brown | September 2017 was the start of a monster rally. We can wish for a repeat but it is not likely.

Fighting the Trend
10:35:05 PM| 9/2/2018
By Jim Brown | With September normally the worst month of the year, the rally is fighting the trend.

Contrarian Rallies
6:59:58 PM| 8/26/2018
By Jim Brown | August and September are known for volatile declines, not rallies

Cautiously Optimistic
11:23:15 PM| 8/19/2018
By Jim Brown | Turkey has been forgotten and China is coming to visit.

Dodged a Bullet?
8:14:18 PM| 8/12/2018
By Jim Brown | If the Turkish Lira threat passes after only one day of major declines, we will have dodged a bullet.

Glazed Over
1:12:01 AM| 8/6/2018
By Jim Brown | Investors have heard the tariff warning so many times they are no longer perceived as a real threat.

Unexpected Circumstances
12:25:42 AM| 7/30/2018
By Jim Brown | I am pretty sure nobody expected a tech sector meltdown last week.

Never A Dull Moment
8:57:48 PM| 7/22/2018
By Jim Brown | Just when the market seems to be going our way, bad news pops up.

Headline Day Ahead
9:31:44 PM| 7/15/2018
By Jim Brown | Monday is headline day this week.

All Quiet
9:25:33 PM| 7/8/2018
By Jim Brown | S&P futures are solidly positive and tariff headlines very quiet.

Finally Positive
8:13:26 PM| 7/1/2018
By Jim Brown | After weeks of negative futures on Sunday evening, we have a positive day.

Weekly Repeat
9:30:46 PM| 6/24/2018
By Jim Brown | The S&P futures are down -15 on Sunday night on tariff worries.

Getting Tired of This
9:37:38 PM| 6/17/2018
By Jim Brown | S&P futures are down -13 on Sunday night on tariff worries.

No Impact
11:43:52 PM| 6/10/2018
By Jim Brown | The residual impact from the disrupted G7 conference was minimal.

Investing is Easy
8:54:57 PM| 6/3/2018
By Jim Brown | That is probably the biggest lie since "the check is in the mail."

Still Struggling
12:29:15 AM| 5/29/2018
By Jim Brown | The market posted minor declines last week as we approached the holiday weekend event risk.

Short Squeeze Ahead
10:20:42 PM| 5/20/2018
By Jim Brown | The U.S. and China called off the trade war and the market is poised to celebrate.

Contrary to Expectations
5:26:56 PM| 5/13/2018
By Jim Brown | The market's strong bounce last week was definitely not expected.

Rally Started?
11:16:23 PM| 5/6/2018
By Jim Brown | Friday's 332-point gain on top of the 400-point reversal on Thursday could be the start of a new rally.

Rally Ahead?
9:36:17 PM| 4/29/2018
By Jim Brown | The charts are not showing any bullish signals but fundamentals are strong.

Time Is Running Out
10:26:40 PM| 4/22/2018
By Jim Brown | The Q1 earnings cycle has arrived but the corresponding rally is AWOL.

Sunday Surge
9:15:10 PM| 4/15/2018
By Jim Brown | With the only headlines on Sunday coming from the ACM Awards, the S&P futures opened strong

Charm Offensive
10:04:24 PM| 4/8/2018
By Jim Brown | Calming words from President Trump and White House officials could allow the market to rebound.

Here We Go Again
1:48:15 AM| 4/2/2018
By Jim Brown | Late Sunday China said it was imposing tariffs on 128 U.S. products effective on Monday.

Ready to Rumble?
10:28:43 PM| 3/25/2018
By Jim Brown | After the market was beaten down last week on China tariff worries, it may be ready to rebound.

Weak Open Ahead
9:39:54 PM| 3/18/2018
By Jim Brown | The S&P futures are diving again on Sunday evening as global headlines swirl.

Good Times Here Again
10:56:52 PM| 3/11/2018
By Jim Brown | The weak tariffs, strong jobs, minimal wage growth and 18% earnings projections should support a strong market.

Spoke too Soon
10:04:35 PM| 3/4/2018
By Jim Brown | Last week I questioned if there would be a retest after the bullish rebound.

No Retest?
11:22:18 PM| 2/25/2018
By Jim Brown | We are ten days away from the correction bottom and no retest yet.

Record Correction
7:58:20 PM| 2/19/2018
By Jim Brown | We saw the fastest 10% correction since 1945 in only 9 days.

Market Reset
9:58:08 PM| 2/11/2018
By Jim Brown | Investors hit the reset button on the market and we lost two months of gains.

Up or Down?
11:48:49 PM| 2/4/2018
By Jim Brown | The major indexes hemorrhaged points last week with the Dow losing -1,095.

No Sellers
10:38:50 PM| 1/28/2018
By Jim Brown | Every negative headline is being ignored and even weak earnings are sometimes bought.

Shutdown Showdown
10:35:10 PM| 1/21/2018
By Jim Brown | The senate convened on Sunday afternoon but no deal was reached to halt the shutdown.

Running with the Bulls
10:57:59 PM| 1/14/2018
By Jim Brown | Investors are showing no signs of turning bearish with a monster rally in progress.

Off to a Good Start
10:42:19 PM| 1/7/2018
By Jim Brown | The first week of 2018 saw a stellar performance by the big cap indexes.

Preview of Coming Attractions
9:36:54 PM| 1/1/2018
By Jim Brown | Friday's sharp drop just before the close could be a preview of early January.

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